Podcasts: Beaming Sobriety Into Your Ears

Looking to get or stay sober and have a shitload of ear time to fill? Or just want to discover what the term ear time means? Read on.


Eleven weeks in to sobriety I feel I’ve gained some momentum. I’ve survived my first party, discovered what the fuck to do at weekends sober, and managed to resist buying a bottle of champagne to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday , instead buying a champagne-style bottle of soda—marketed at kids’ parties. It was disgusting, but at least I got to treat my drain to a sugary drink instead of washing-up water.

Robby Bubble camouflaging itself among palatable beverages and a basil plant. 

Acclimating to not getting shitfaced every evening and weekend is difficult. In the process, I’ve hauled ass through nature, kicked my girlfriend’s ass repeatedly at both squash and video game boxing, and swapped drinking for a number of other non-hard-drug addictions. Like many, I don’t have time for hot yoga, a vacation to a five-star rehab clinic, or even AA. But what I do have a lot of is ear time.

Not familiar with that term? Nor am I, as I just pulled it out of my ass. What I’m trying to say, in my illiterate way, is that I’m a busy dude. But most of the time while I’m doing stuff that’s essential for my continued existence as a reasonably functioning male, my ears are free to do whatever the fuck they please. My arms, hands, legs, and brain are pressed for time, but my ears have as much time as The Donald in office when he finds out he can’t do half the shit he’s blabbering about.

A wall that looks like The Donald

I could dictate to my ears that they use that time goofing out to 80s’ power metal, or to listen to the sound of the building site next door to my apartment building (I wish I was fucking around about this), but instead I’ve used that time to beam the message of sobriety directly into my ear holes. Per the title, I’ve been checking out some sobriety podcasts, as well other non-sobriety-themed shows, to make use of all that free time my ears have…the lucky devils.

These ears of corn also have plenty of time.

Of the many I’ve listened to, I can highly recommend one and kinda recommend another, with a probably offensive caveat.

The Good: That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy is Shane Ramer, a salt-of-the-earth, unpretentious host who’s doing a fine of job advocating sobriety and inspiring soberness through his weekly podcast. He’s an instantly likable dude who candidly shares his own experience with getting and staying sober, as well as hosting a broad-ranging selection of sober guests. You can check it out here.

The Okay: After Party Pod

After Party Pod is hosted by longtime sober socialite Anna David. While it’s not my cup of tea, because of its tending to go off topic and my personal taste for podcast hosts, I feel I should recommend it for the following reason. This blog has proven popular among ladies (either because of my surly looks or repeated use of the word shitfaced), at least according to early follower numbers , and I think Anna might be more of a hit with the sober ladies out there. I realize it’s 2016 and I shouldn’t write shit like that, but this is my sandbox and my toys. So there. Or here.

Other non-sober-themed podcasts:

Wanting to fill your ears with non-sober musings? Or just want to use your ear time in the same way I am? I’m a patron of the following podcasts:

The Horror Show – a podcast for movie nerds who like to listen to reviews of shitty horror films by two edgy hosts.

The Dana Gould Hour – a bunch of comedians, one of which is ex-Simpsons writer and host Dana, making funnies about various topics.

Comedy Bang Bang – funny as balls.

The latest member of my lineup is Sleep With Me podcast, which helped me sleep like a sedated baby the last week. The host’s insane ramblings are truly bizarre, but really effective.

Tune-in next week for another topic I’ll probably come up with at the eleventh hour.

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Days sober: 76

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Crime fiction author and silly man.

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